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Check out the system requirements and installation guidelines below. We also provide some known limitations of our system.

A useful read on Gorgias-B is the COMMA 2016 Gorgias-B demonstration paper.

You can find an overview of the SoDA methodology and Gorgias-B by reading the 2-page ECAI 2016 paper.

System RequirementsTop of Page

- Windows or Linux OS
- SWI-Prolog version 7.0 or later,
- Java 1.7 or later.

Java and SWI-Prolog installations must both be either 32-bit or 64-bit versions (same architecture). See the first tutorial video for how to check this on Windows (similar for Linux). For Linux note that you must install both swi-prolog and swi-prolog-java packages.

Install Gorgias-BTop of Page

You can follow the following steps (it is also a good idea to watch the two minute video tutorial below).

  1. Download the latest version of Java JRE from here, note whether you install the 64bit (Windows or Linux x64) or the 32bit version (Windows or Linux x86).
    If you use Linux we recommend that you use the package management system of your distribution to install java (see relevant instructions here)
  2. Install Java
  3. If you use Winows download the latest version of SWI-Prolog from here. If installed the 64bit Java download the 64bit version, else if you installed the 32bit Java download the 32bit version).
    If you use Linux, we recommend that you use the package management system of your distribution to install the swi-prolog and swi-prolog-java packages.
  4. Install SWI-Prolog
  5. Download the latest version of Gorgias-B from here
  6. Unzip the contents of the downloaded package to any folder you like
  7. If you use Windows edit (update) the first line of the runGorgias.bat file after the equal sign (=) to the path to the SWI-Prolog installation folder
    (if you have the latest 64 bit version installed in 64-bit windows you do not need to update it).
  8. Just execute (by single or double clicking it) the runGorgias script (runGorgias.bat batch file for Windows and for Linux).


Gorgias-B UsageTop of Page

Create a new project by defining the prolog target file (with the .pl extension).

Then define the non-defeasible knowledge, options, defeasible knowledge.

Proceed to defining arguments and then argue for adding priorities.

If you make changes in a dialog and return to a previous one click the refresh button to update shown information.

Finally, use the execute form to run your scenarios after adding the grounded predicates for each one.

After exiting the application you can update your model by running it again and importing the Gorgias file (through the file menu).

Before starting your own application it is a good idea to follow one of the tutorials.

LimitationsTop of Page

Known limitations:
- it is not possible to have functions as parameters of predicates
- conditions can only use the =, \=, =:=, =<, >=, >, <, \== operators (prolog system predicates) with exactly one atom (grounded, Variable, number or string) on the left and one on the right hand side of the expression

Report bugs or request new featuresTop of Page

Send your feedback to

Dr Nikos Spanoudakis, email: