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About Gorgias B

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The Gorgias B tool is based on Gorgias. Gorgias is a general argumentation framework that combines the ideas of preference reasoning and abduction in a way that preserves the benefits of both of them. It can form the basis for reasoning about adaptable preference policies in the face of incomplete information from dynamic and evolving environments.

The following references can help an interested reader to get to know how gorgias works:

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The Gorgias-B team consists of:

Prof Antonis Kakas, University of Cyprus

Prof Pavlos Moraitis, Paris-Descartes University

Dr Nikolaos Spanoudakis, Technical University of Crete

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We would like to thank Ms Shabana Shaikh for preparing the responsive site template. Also the numerous students that have worked in the various tools and applications throughout these years.

The tool's name comes from the Sicilian philosopher Gorgias.